Our business is weddings.

I guess you are planing this special day – Wedding Day, and you are already confused? So many details, so many possibilities, so many little things to think of. From country to country, first day of marriage can be a small celebration, with closes friends to grand party for hundreds guests. No matter how you plan it to do it, its a day and night worth a proper documentation. This is where we step in. We are experienced photographers, videographers and easy going people. With proper professional equipment and positive attitude, we will capture all special moments of your special day.

What do I get?

Our wedding films comes in form of short, flashy video or longer up to 60 minutes documents. We also specialise in documentary style wedding films, covering in more details and with original audio. We film in 4K and we own latest equipment to full fill top standards and make beautiful pictures. As for wedding photography, we will document whole day from preparations to final moments at midnight plus we will take you, on separate day, for photo shoot.

So who we are?

We prefer to work in two persons team, causing as little distraction as possible. This is very special and intimate day. You don’t want it to ruin it, inviting completely strange, bad dressed, ill behave people. Do you? So me and my wife we will take care of your wedding multimedia.

We have over ten years of experience and we are focused on wedding projects, although we have few corporate commercials in our portfolio too.

Lastly, we are easy going, responsible and dedicated couple. I am happily married with two loving Labradors. I speak fluently English, I communicate in Russian and understand a little Spanish. Polish is my mothers tongue. I travel four continents and met hundreds people.

So see you on your wedding.