Sfilmuj Mnie means in polish “Film Me”. We are a group of wedding film-makers and photographers focused on wedding ceremonies and reception parties. We have been working with mixed nationality couples from UK, Ireland, Denmark, France, USA and Mexico, to mention a few. We enjoy cross culture weddings and we are always happy to learn, film and photograph your ways to celebrate this special day.


We offer three lengths of wedding video:

-15 minutes short video clip, with all day highlights, background music and cinematic look

-30 minutes extended video clip for more complex weddings and extra footage from pre/post wedding days

-60-90 minutes documentary with elements of video clip (typical polish wedding film style) with extra footage filmed before or after wedding.

On the wedding day we start about 2 hours before church ceremony and we finish late evening. We deliver between 400-600 carefully selected and developed pictures, in high quality JPEGs files and DVD or Full HD video on BluRay disc or pendrive.

We like to share our experience with you, when it comes to natural posing and avoiding common mistakes, while we are observant and unobtrusive. We like to make you feel relaxed around our cameras. We work with small factor DSLR cameras both for shooting pictures and filming.

Delivery time for camera work and photos are up to 6 weeks, starting from last day of shooting. We have dedicated server for uploading digital content for which you pay after your approval, so no film – no money.

We are based in north part of Poland but we are open to travel wherever in Europe. We have special offers for couples who are planning two weddings, in her and his country.

For available dates, exact prices and working together details, please email us:


or you can call me:

+48 603 467 300

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